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Realistic Pitch Pipe Pro

Développeur Prokaryo
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Realistic Pitch Pipe Pro is a music utility application designed to accurately look, feel, and sound like a pitch pipe.Realistic Pitch Pipe Pro is designed specifically for the Music Professional in performance or rehearsal use. This versions includes features to disable screen timeout (leave it on your music stand), skip the lock screen (for quick use out of pocket), and is free of advertisements for straightforward, hassle-free use whenever you need it.
Full list of Features Included in this Version:-Access to settings:--Ability to choose default layout--Choice of instrument(Pitch Pipe, Grand Piano)--Stage Use Options:---Disable Screen Timeout---Skip Lock Screen-Ad free!-Standard pitch pipe layout-Simple tile layout-All 13 standard pitches: C4-C5-Accurate pitch pipe sound-Realistic pitch pipe display
Supported for both phones and tablets.
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